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Help for Discouraged Parents

This is a list from a book I own called “Lists to Live by” compiled by Alive Grav, Steve Stephens and John Van Diest. I thought I would post to
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The Benefits of Healing Amber

Our store at Kinder Cafe is always adding new and amazing products to our line up. We are now carrying beautiful amber necklaces made by a Canadian company, Healing Amber. My
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The Perfect Casual Outfit _ Finding Your Identity

How was your weekend? I spent mine working, but the boys had fun. My son had yet another birthday party to go to on Saturday. Since I only have a
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The World Through The Eyes Of Children _ Sales

I normally don’t submit posts on the weekends as I’m working, otherwise I’m spending it with my family. I made an exception for 2 reasons today. Reason #1 I took
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Mom Mom She’s the Bomb!

The most important day of the year is coming up. Yes, Mother’s Day. We at Kinder Cafe believe that this day is the most important day of the year because
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Stress, Allergies and Gluten

The other day I heard a comment that struck me as a little bizarre. One lady told me that she did not allow bread in her home. She looked very
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Debate: Putting Your Marriage Before Your Kids

A few days ago, E News correspondant, Giuliana Rancic, made this statement: “We put our marriage first and our child second.” “Your relationship is the first example your child learns
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What to do for Spring Break

Spring break starts in just over 2 weeks and I don’t know about you mom’s, but I’m trying my best to come up with ideas and activities to keep my
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5 Tips for Throwing a Toddler’s Birthday Party

Having hosted hundreds of birthday parties a year at Kinder Cafe, we have learned a lot about how to run a great birthday party for toddlers. Of all of the
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10 Tips for Being a Happy Mom