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What day or time is your busiest at Kinder Cafe?

- Each day is different at Kinder Cafe and our busy days vary. The afternoon (after 12pm) is usually a lot quieter than the morning. Our busiest time is usually between 10am and 11am. We post updates about our facility on facebook, so we recommend that you follow our posts and subscribe to our twitter feed for instant updates.

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If you are Canadian send it to the phone number: 21212

Can I bring snacks into Kinder Cafe?

- We are very strict about our no outside food policy for many reasons which can be read about on our blog post here. Please do not bring any snacks at all into our facility and if your child is eating, please make sure they are seated and not walking around with food in their hand our mouth. This helps keep our facility clean and it eases the stress of parents of children who are severely allergic to certain foods.

Can I bring my stroller?

- We recommend that you leave strollers in the car, as we can not guarantee space for stroller parking.

Do you clean and sanitize your toys?

- We clean and sanitize our toys at the end of every day. We also have bins where toys that are mouthed can be placed for cleaning throughout the day. If there is some cleaning that needs to be brought to our attention during the day, please do not hesitate to let our staff know, and we will promptly attend to it. Please make sure to sanitize your child’s hands before playing, before eating, after eating, and upon leaving our playground.

Can I bring my child if she or he is sick?

- Please do not bring sick children to our facility. This is a strict rule of Kinder Cafe.

I have a home business. Am I able to leave my business cards at Kinder Cafe?

- Yes definitely! We offer a variety of advertising options at Kinder Cafe, which can be viewed here.