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Help for Discouraged Parents

This is a list from a book I own called “Lists to Live by” compiled by Alive Grav, Steve Stephens and John Van Diest. I thought I would post to give some hope to parents who may feel discouraged some days. We have all been discouraged at some point during this parenting voyage, so here is a list of some wise advice to lean on…

1. You are not to blame for the temperament with which your child was born. He is simply a tough kid to handle and your task is to rise to the challenge.

2. He is in greater danger because of his inclination to test the limits and scale the walls. Your utmost diligence and wisdom will be required to deal with him.

3. If you fail to understand his lust for power and independence, you can exhaust your resources and bog down in guilt. It will benefit no one.

4. If it is not already too late, by all means, take charge of your babies. Hold tightly to the reins of authority in the early days, and build an attitude of respect during your brief window of opportunity. You will need every ounce of ‘awe’ you can get during the years to come. Once you have established your right to lead, begin to let go systematically, year by year.

5. Don’t panic, even during the storms of adolescence. Better times are ahead. A radical turnaround usually occurs in the early twenties.

6. Stay on your child’s team, even when it appears to be a losing team. You’ll have the rest of your life to enjoy mutual fellowship if you gon’t overreact to frustration now.

7. Give him to to find himself, even if he appears not to be searching.

8. Most importantly, I urge you to hold your children before the Lord in fervent prayer throughout their years at home. I am convinced that there is no other source of confidence and wisdom in parenting.



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