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Playground Rules

1. Parents are responsible for supervising their children at all times

2. Kinder Café is a socks only environment. Please ensure that you and your child are wearing socks at all times

3. Children and parents must sanitize their hands before entering the playground

4. No food or drink is allowed in the playground

5. Please ensure you move from one area to the next with your child

6. Some smaller toys may be a potential choking hazard for smaller children so please make sure you are with your child when they are playing with smaller toys to avoid accidents and potential injuries

7. Please ensure that children less than a year old do not play with smaller toys that could pose a serious choking hazard

8. Please accompany your child to the washroom as they may get locked in if left alone

9. Food and drink must be consumed in our lounge section as no food or drink is allowed in the play area

10. Please be courteous to others and share!

11. No toys are permitted in the bouncy castle. Maximum 5 children in the bouncy castle permitted at a time.

12. Have fun

13. Outside food or drink is not permitted in our facility. Pureed baby food and bottles are acceptable, as long as these items remain off of the carpeted area. Here is a great article on why we have this rule.