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Who Started Kinder Cafe?

Kinder Café was opened on November 2010, by a local mom after 5 years of brain
storming, persistence and hard work. Having been a single mom for many years, Anita understands that being a parent is the most difficult job in the world. She wanted to create a safe and age-appropriate indoor playground where parents could feel comfortable and enjoy their time with their little ones.

Having experienced the isolation that comes with motherhood, she understands that mothers keep their sanity by getting out of the house and finding people like themselves to have ‘adult’ conversation with. Anita created Kinder Cafe to help parents cope with the stresses of raising young children, and to help pre-schoolers interact and become socialized prior to entering the school system.

In combining a café atmosphere with an exciting playground geared towards pre-schoolers, she has created a parental oasis. Finally, a place where parents can lounge in a comfortable atmosphere, while their children play freely at a safe and clean indoor playground.

Kinder Cafe is dedicated to Anita’s father who unexpectedly passed away a few weeks after we opened our doors. Her father loved children and would have loved to see such a heart warming place!

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